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Blackboard Tools

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Blackboard Resources/Examples


Questions to Ask

Social Bookmarking


  • Online sharing of personal collections of weblinks (URLs) 
  • Ability to re-use and re-purpose existing collections of links
  • Tagging of resources helps develop relationships between concepts and people

VIdeo: Social Bookmarking in Plain English

7 Things: 7 Things you Should Know about Social Bookmarking



  • Nurture Collaboration Skills 
  • Course reading list
  • Article critique assignments
  • Group project resources
  • Ability to connect with different communities 
  • Adding to relevance of course
  • Student generated reading list
  • How to organize the resources?
  • Different communities have different percpetions about content
  • Steep Learning curve 
  • Using the tool in a single course versus a program focus
  • Why bother with citations?  


  •  A Web-based public diary with dated entries, usually by a single author, often accompanied by links to other blogs that the author of the site visits on a regular basis (Downes, 2004). 
  •  Reflective writing and reading activity
  •  Opportunity for students to receive external feedback and to make contributions to the dialogue in their field of study


7 Things Blogs



  •  Article critiques
  •  Peer review
  •  Assignment self-reflections
  •  Practicum/clinical journal
  • Citizen journalism
  • Historical blog - diary of historical events
  • Learn through reading other people's blogs (different perspectives)
  • Critique articles and then authors read and critique student critiques
  • Orientation to using an academic blog 
  • Student comfort level with using blogs
  • Importance of properly citing sources of information and using concept terminology correctly
  • Only a few students reply to postings on the blogs of others (i.e., teachers, peers)


  •  A wiki is a collection of Web pages that can be edited by anyone, at any time, from anywhere. The possibilities for using wikis as a platform for collaborative projects are limited only by one’s imagination and time. (Leuf & Cunningham, 2001)


7 Things Collaborative Editing



7 Things Wikis



  • Class books
  • Online discussion summaries
  • Group essays
  • Course planning
  • Research activities 
  • Purely collaborative
  • Track contributions easier than a blog  
  • Help connect learning between classes and courses in a program
  • Require more than a wiki (e.g. discussion outside of a wiki)
  • Manage and communicate with students
  • Strange terminology associated with this wiki
  • Who is responsible for the validity of the content?
  • Ownership, facilitation and coordination  

Discussion Boards

  •  Simplify the process of posting and sharing content on the Web (i.e. text, audio, images and video)
  • Provide a wealth of re-usable media resources for learners and educators



  • Interviews with external experts
  • Case studies
  • Storytelling
  •  Project work
  • Sharing of instructional resources
  • Discussions and debates 
  • Overwhelming amount of information
  • Incorrect information
  • Issues of plagiarism 
  • Credibility and validity of information


  •  Synchronous communication opportunities (i.e. text messaging, audio, video)
  • Support ‘real-time’ collaborative and creative project-based work



  • External guest presentations 
  • Brainstorming and action plans - different forms of communication (text and audio chat)  
  • Bandwidth
  • Limitation of files that can be uploaded

Wiki Inspired by 2009 Sloan-C Blended Learning Workshop 

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